Sep. 6, Symposium, Critical Pedagogies: Equality and Diversity in a Changing Institution, Scotland

Critical Pedagogies: Equality and Diversity in a Changing Institution
(Interdisciplinary Symposium at the University of Edinburgh, 6th September 2013)

This one-day interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary symposium aims to open up discussions regarding teaching in our changing institutions, investigating how our roles as both teachers and learners are continuously challenged and negotiated. Researchers and educators from across the disciplines will engage in critical discussions on issues of equality, diversity and access to resources, as well as examine the role of the University in the community and in public life. The symposium will be vital in the creation of a platform for discussion and strategising around issues of equality and diversity within higher education, in order to share pedagogical approaches and establish a network of scholars who engage critically with teaching and pedagogy, formulating strategies for teaching in a changing institution.

Possible topics may include but are by no means limited to:
• Teaching / learning about privilege in a place of privilege, ‘Unlearning privilege’; Critical thinking; Antiracism and anticolonialism; Decolonising methodologies; Institutional whiteness; Teaching and disability; Teaching and gender; Feminist pedagogies; Intersectionality;
• Locating the classroom; Transformational spaces; Student-teacher relationship; Dialogic teaching; Teaching within and beyond the classroom space; Teaching and community; Teaching as activism; Social engagement and accountability; Virtual learning environments; Inclusiveness and exclusion;
• Effects of neoliberal policies and philosophies in institutional life; Diversity and equality policies; Neoliberalism and pedagogy; Education as commodity; Student as learner and / or consumer; Teaching as value-neutral.

For more information, see the symposium webpage.

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