Nov. 7, 2014, III International Conference: Religion and Women in Indian History, India.

The Third Annual International Conference, focusing on Religion and Women in Indian History, will be held 7 November 2014 in New Delhi, India.

The relationship between religion and women has been extensively studied in the Indian context from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds like history, sociology, literature and women/gender studies. But these studies have often remained isolated in nature, so to speak, with reference to time. As a result, works on the modern period have rarely benefitted from insights gained through studies on early historical, early medieval, medieval or early modern periods, and vice versa, on the question of women and their interface with religion. There is hardly a dialogue among scholars working on different time periods in Indian history about the changing nature of this relationship, although perspectives for each individual period have been empirically rich and theoretically refined. The Third Annual International Conference, focussing on Religion and Women in Indian History seeks to provide a platform for such a dialogue and exchange of ideas.

Participants attending the conference shall make their own arrangements for travel and stay.

All Correspondence, including submission of proposals and final papers, must be addressed to the Secretary, Archive India Institute, and sent by email to

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