July 15, Netherlands conference on “American Evangelical Missions in Europe, 1830-2010″

July 15, 2015
9:00 amto10:00 pm

In 1830 American agencies sent out the first missionaries to continental Europe to establish new churches. This act signaled the beginning of a reverse movement of missionary activities. After two centuries of European efforts to take care of the souls of North America peoples, missionaries in North Americans began to return out of concern for Europe. These trips inaugurated the first stage of reverse mission in the modern era.

Currently intercultural studies concentrate mostly on non-Western relations, neglecting the Northern transatlantic interaction. Despite the modest investment in Europe, this return movement signaled and previewed the eventual global and multidirectional missionary movement of evangelicals.

This conference revives this dormant subject by bringing together experts who examine the patterns of American evangelicals’ interaction with various European audiences in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. They provide a fresh look at American evangelical intentions, implementations, and implications in Europe.

The conference is organized by the Roosevelt Study Center, Middelburg, and the Theological University in Kampen, the Netherlands in cooperation with the Centre for Imperial and Post-Colonial Studies, University of Southampton, the David Bruce Centre for American Studies, Keele University, the Institute of North American Studies, King’s College London. The steering committee comprises Dr. Kendrick Oliver (Southampton), Professor Axel Schäfer (Keele), Dr. Hans Krabbendam (RSC) and Dr. Uta Balbier (KCL). The conference organizers are Hans Krabbendam and Stefan Paas.

Visit the website at http://roosevelt.nl

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