Feb 24-26, International Symposium on Religion, Spirituality and Education for Human Flourishing,Dar Moulay Boubkar, Marrakech, Morocco

This symposium is co-convened by Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace and the UN Alliance of Civilizations ‘Education about Religions and Beliefs’ Project.

For a large proportion of the people in the world, spirituality is an important part of being human and often thought to be an essential element of a flourishing life. Today’s world is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities, and so there is a pressing need to educate in order to develop a deeper awareness of the spiritual dimensions of our lives.

In this context, we are interested specifically in exploring the part that religious education can play in cultivating human virtues and spirituality. Under various names, such as ‘education about religion’, ‘faith education,’ ‘religious studies,’ and ‘religious education,’ the teaching of religious beliefs has already been integrated into the national curricula of many countries. However, the focus of religious education is generally to impart knowledge about religions, and perhaps gesture towards some inter-religious understanding. This way of approaching religious education tends to regard religion as an academic subject, and because such education is at arms-length, the spiritual and experiential aspects of religion are not made directly available to students.
The Symposium will aim to go beyond the current knowledge-centred approaches to religious education and offers a space to discuss and debate the following questions:

  • In what ways can education of/from religions better contribute to young people’s spirituality and to the flourishing of their lives?
  • How can these contributions of religions be better integrated in schooling?
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