CFP Deadline: May 15, Special Issue on the Temples of Bengal

May 15, 2012

The next issue of Chitrolekha Magazine (Vol. II, No. 1) is going to be on the Temples of Bengal (from the Ancient Period to the 19th Century). Since the aim of this collection is to have holistic approaches to the topics, explorations are invited from many interdisciplinary perspectives and multidisciplinary positions. Submissions on the following areas are invited:
Archaeological findings on the temples;
History of the Temples of Bengal in general, of a period, of region, of a place of temples or of temple/s;
Materials, styles and technological evolutions
Cultural conditions in Bengal and the temples;
Religions of Bengal and the construction/modification/destruction of temples.
Aesthetics of the temples of Bengal;
Iconography and the visual culture of Bengal;
Bengali architecture and the construction of temples;
The climate, environment and the temples;
Depiction of lost temples in literature, legends, historical accounts;
Heritage in Crisis and preservation and management.
Word-limit: 1000—5000 words
Images: copyright free images are essential. Minimum 5 images (800 pixels minimum on the largest side) required.
Style: MLA
Contact: editor(at) and chitrolekhamagazine(at)
Websites: (main site); (mobile site)
Submission Deadline: May 15, 2012

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