CFP Deadline: May 12, International Holocaust Studies Conference, USA

The 12th International Holocaust Studies Conference on Global Perspectives on the Holocaust will be held October 20-23, 2015, at at Middle Tennessee State University. Individual papers or panels by researchers, faculty members, independent scholars and advanced graduate students on ALL aspects of Holocaust and genocide studies will be considered, but those connected to the featured conference topics are especially solicited.

Proposal deadline: May 12, 2015. Notification of decisions: May 25, 2015.
Holocaust Education Program: Tuesday, October 20
Genocide Studies Program: Wednesday, October 21
Holocaust Studies Program: Thursday and Friday, October 22-23

Featured Holocaust topics:
•    70 years after liberation: lessons and implications
•    Holocaust: race, class, gender
•    European anti-Semitism then and now
•    Hollywood and the Holocaust
•    Women and children in the Holocaust
•    Underrepresented voices: Romany, gays, religious and political opponents, POWS, the disabled
•    Life in the ghettos, concentration, extermination, slave-labor and work camps
•    Resistance
•    Rescue
•    Religion during the Holocaust
•    Memory and commemoration
•    Education in ghettos and camps
Featured Genocide Topics:
•    100 years since the Armenian genocide
•    Survivor narratives
•    Intervention and prevention
•    Comparative genocide
•    Justice and legal definitions
•    Memory and commemoration

One-page proposals with working bibliography and brief vita should be sent to <>.

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