CFP Deadline: Jan. 31, Frankel Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies, USA

January 9, 2014toJanuary 31, 2014

The Frankel Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies at the University of Michigan provides annual fellowships for scholars and artists from around the world to conduct research in relation to a given theme. Currently we are searching for annual themes that vary not only in terms of their subject but also their form. Some years the theme will be defined thematically; other years, geographically or chronologically. Still other years the theme may be comparative in nature, bringing in scholars who work on other cultural, ethnic, or religious groups as well as Jews. Ideally, the theme will always be broad enough to include scholars from various academic disciplines with the intention to create a lively mix of fellows with different disciplinary approaches. Examples of past themes include “Borders of Jewishness: Microhistories of Encounter,” “Gender and Jewish Studies: New Approaches,” “Jews and the City.” Future themes include “Jews and Empire,” “Secularization/Sacralization,” and “Israeli Histories, Societies and Cultures: Comparative Approaches.”

A proposal for a research group is not the same as a grant proposal. There is little need to justify the value of studying a given subject. Rather, proposers should present a rationale for long-term collective investigation. Why does this theme merit gathering scholars for a year? In what ways will the proposed theme enrich, enlighten, and move the field forward? How does this theme engage methodological, substantive, and disciplinary issues that require serious discussion at this time? You may choose to submit proposals as a team with others, either from within the University of Michigan or elsewhere. Please include a description of the theme and its significance (approximately 3-6 pages) as well as a list of some of the scholars or artists you think might be interested in applying. If you have an idea for a proposal and would like to discuss it, please contact the Frankel Institute at ( to schedule an appointment.

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