CFP Deadline: Feb 28, “Muslim Identity Formation in Religiously Diverse Societies,” Australia

The Inaugural Australasian Conference on Islam will be held on the theme “Muslim Identity Formation in Religiously Diverse Societies” 24–26 November 2013. Abstract submission date: 28 February 2013.

Although religious diversity is more pronounced in the Western and Asia-Pacific context, such diversity even exists in predominantly Muslim societies. Key drivers in identity formation include Islam, nature and level of Islamic education, generational transition, the nature and extent of religious diversity and rapidly changing social and political landscape. How all these factors impinge on the identity formation of Muslims and Muslim societies will be explored in this conference.

Abstracts are welcome in two broad areas:
1.How Islam in its theology, practices and ethical teachings impacts on Muslim identity formation
2.How living in a religiously diverse society influences identity formation of contemporary Muslims
Dr Derya Iner
Centre for Islamic Sciences and Civilisation (CISAC) Charles Sturt University, Sydney, Australia

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