CFP Deadline: April 17, Symposium on Time in Islamic Civilization, Turkey

Proposals are invited for an International Symposium on Time in Islamic Civilization to be held 8-11 October, 2015 at Necmettin Erbakan University in Konya, Turkey.

The concept of time and its perception have been long studied among academics and scientists in various cultures and civilizations. Time, though it concerns all aspects of human life, has been widely treated and discussed especially in the fields of religion, philosophy and positive sciences. Time has always been important and crucial for every individual human being, as well as for every society. Past, present and future are intimately related to the place, position and condition of human being in time.

For all these reasons and others, scientists and thinkers have been engaged, in one way or another, in the discussion of time, searching for answers to such questions as what time is, how it is perceived, in what way it is related to human life, how it was considered in the past.

Almost all the existing World religions and cultures seem to have treated this subject from their perspectives and offered valuable insights into its meaning. This is true also of the Islamic culture and civilization, which has indeed produced a wealth of literature dealing various aspects of time. Through this international event, therefore, the organizers aim to draw the attention of academics and researchers to the importance of this issue and bring to light the contributions that have been made by philosophers, scientists, theologians, Sufis, and intellectuals of Islamic civilization in this field through this international symposium.

For more information about possible themes, logistics, and other material, please consult the website.

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