June 7-8 Conference, Religion And Civil Society: The Changing Faces Of “Religion” And “Secularity”, Cambridge, USA

Religion And Civil Society: The Changing Faces Of “Religion” And “Secularity”, an international conference convened by the Culture and Society Institute of the University of Navarra will be held at Harvard University Law School June 7-8, 2012.

Workshops in the following areas (with contacts) are, as follows:

WORKSHOP I: Religious Freedom in Contemporary Juridical Context
Chair: Francisca Pérez Madrid (University of Barcelona)
e-mail: fperez_madrid@ub.edu

WORKSHOP II: Medieval Political Theology: Theory and Practice
Chair: Jaume Aurell (University of Navarra)
e-mail: saurell@unav.es

WORKSHOP III: The Media and the Process of Secularization of Society
Chair: Mercedes Montero and Mónica Codina (University of Navarra)
e-mail: mmontero@unav.es

WORKSHOP IV: Liberalism, Capitalism and Religion
Chair: Raquel Lázaro (University of Navarra)
e-mail: rlazaro@unav.es

Alejandra Vanney
Austral University,

Email: mvanney@austral.edu.ar


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