CFA Deadline: Dec. 31, Doha International Award for Interfaith Dialogue, Qatar

December 16, 2015toDecember 31, 2015

Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue is pleased to announce the Third Doha International Award for Interfaith Dialogue, which will take place during the 12th Doha International Conference for Interfaith Dialogue in Doha, from 16th-17th February 2016.

Objectives of Award
1. Enriching and promoting a culture of peaceful coexistence and acceptance among followers of different faiths;
2. Attracting and drawing youth towards building a positive dialogue between the followers of diverse religious traditions;
3. Reinstate and reinforce religious values in addressing the issues and problems of concern to humanity and promoting peaceful coexistence and understanding between different civilizations and faiths.
4. Expand the content of religious dialogue to include all aspects of life that interact with religion.
5. Expand the field of interreligious dialogue to include wider circle of researchers, academics and others who are interested in the relationship between religious values and life’s issues.
6. Facilitate and share important scholarly insights, educational experiences and training in areas related to religious dialogue.
7. Encouraging researchers and specialized institutions for fruitful collaboration between them in order to reach new prospects for dialogue such as bringing about new proposals for conflict resolution and peace building.
8. Honor and appreciate prominent, productive and creative persons and organizations for their work in the field of interreligious dialogue.

Award Categories
This year, awards will be given in two categories

An Outstanding Organization
The award is restricted to organizations that are actively engaged in, or have produced a project concerning Strategies for Protecting Spiritual and Intellectual Freedom and Security in a Society, thus educating community on how to rationally and spiritually confront any sort of extremism therein.

A Prominent Individual
The award is restricted to the distinguished individuals who produced a specific work or project about Strategies for Protecting Spiritual and Intellectual Freedom and Security in a Society, and who are actively tackling extremist views among the members of his or her society while promoting peace and harmony with rational arguments.

Value of Award
The Award value is one hundred thousand US dollars (100,000 USD), in addition to gold medal and certificate provided by DICID.

The deadline for accepting nominations for The Third Doha International Award for Interfaith Dialogue 2016, expires on 31.12.2015 at 2:00 pm (Greenwich time)
For additional information, please visit the DICID website.

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